Thursday, June 11, 2009

Upper Crust: Uppity Enough?

The Upper Crust has only been open for a day, but reviews are already trickling in, and they are mixed at best. Mr. Chevrette was heard to comment that it compares unfavorably to such North End standards as Pizzeria Regina. Rumors are strong that the Chevrette children had a visceral reaction to both the crispiness of the crust as well as the mere presence of herbs.

The reaction across the street was more charitable, with some reservations. Long having enjoyed the Upper Crust offerings in Brookline and on Newbury Street, Mr. Burfeind agreed that the pizza could have been less crunchy, but was generally pleased with the flavor combinations. Perhaps the "B" team has been assigned to run this most important of locations, a decision that the owners might regret if immediate reviews are not positive.

Welcome to West Roxbury!

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