Saturday, May 30, 2009

Community Dining

With the Mayor of West Roxbury conspicuously absent, the residents of 16 and 21 Midvale were forced to join forces at the grill this evening. Rumors of rib eye steak are false, as the meal consisted of T-bone (not Porterhouse) and New York Strip steaks, as well as two varieties of hot dog, served on whole wheat buns, of course. Accompanying this red meat extravaganza was a salad of fresh romaine, hot off the genetically engineered presses of the Burfeind Farm.

The meal also marked the exciting debut of the new Ukelele-flavored deck table and chairs, only two of which had actually been constructed at press time.

Something about that dirt...

Planting season is upon us and rumor has it 21 Midvale is using genetically engineered organic soil from MIT to grow monster vegetables this season. Worried about rising prices and the quality of local supermarkets produce, 21 has taken matters into their own hands planting a "farmers type market" in their side yard. As the growing season progresses neighbors will be able to actively barter their own produce or services,look for times and dates....

Spring Fishing...

With much anticipation the Chevrette's head out for their first fishing trip of the spring to JP Pond. Arriving @ 10AM, of course there was no parking. The family was forced to cross the street as if they were part of, a bad game of frogger. Lasting approximately 38 minutes Tim and Mike caught 4 fish apiece. Well done! But due to stressful conditions, lack of drinking water and shade both kids got on their fathers nerves and the trip was cut short. A light lunch followed....

Mulching Contest Announced

Midvale Road will be hosting the first annual Mulching Contest in June 2009. Prizes will be awarded for the Most Creative Use of Mulch, Best Mulch to Hedge Proportions, and Largest Mulch Pile.

Stay tuned for more details!

Calling all Grill Masters...

Midvale Road is looking for the best BBQ ribs! Do you have what it takes to become Pit Master of Midvale Road? Over the past several weekends 16 Midvale has been experimenting with different ingredients and techniques in an attempt to create the greatest ribs. So get BBQing!! Stay tuned for upcoming rib-off dates.

As summer approaches..

As summer approaches there are growing concerns to whether five used traffic cones and a small yellow children at play sign will effectively reduce the speed of motorists on Midvale Road. Currently there are several ideas being considered as deterrents: the use of a dummy decoy child that is thrown at motor vehicles as they pass at a high rate of speed, causing motorists to believe that they have struck a child. Purchasing a used Big Dig LED sign board that would present motorists with a "Detour" or "Road Closed" or perhaps a set of six to eight inch speed bumps installed at either end of the street.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009