Monday, June 29, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It has long been said about New Englanders that we know how to appreciate good weather, because we get so little of it. This has never been more true than over the past month. The wettest, grayest, most depressing month on record, has tried the patience of even the hardiest residents of Midvale Road. If some are starting to dream openly about moving to California, or Hawaii, or even the western suburbs, who can blame them?

The good news is that electricity bills are down at 21 Midvale, as the air conditioners have yet to be brought down from the attic.

Sunday, June 14, 2009



Friday, June 12, 2009

Farmstand open

The Burfeind Farmstand will soon be open for business. Early lettuce crops have already been enjoyed, and this evening marked the debut of an herbed butter, consisting of rosemary, sage, and thyme, fresh from the garden.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Upper Crust: Uppity Enough?

The Upper Crust has only been open for a day, but reviews are already trickling in, and they are mixed at best. Mr. Chevrette was heard to comment that it compares unfavorably to such North End standards as Pizzeria Regina. Rumors are strong that the Chevrette children had a visceral reaction to both the crispiness of the crust as well as the mere presence of herbs.

The reaction across the street was more charitable, with some reservations. Long having enjoyed the Upper Crust offerings in Brookline and on Newbury Street, Mr. Burfeind agreed that the pizza could have been less crunchy, but was generally pleased with the flavor combinations. Perhaps the "B" team has been assigned to run this most important of locations, a decision that the owners might regret if immediate reviews are not positive.

Welcome to West Roxbury!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Corrib Road Race

Pictures from the Water Table. The highlight, no doubt, was when Commissioner Chevrette himself stopped by for a cup or two.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The "Water Table" rises to the occasion..

Members of Midvale Rd once again provided a key water station to the runners of the 16th Corrib road race. What started several years ago as an unorganized event has progressed into a well oiled machine. One participant stated "We have come along way, but we still need more tables." Organizers report a record number of cups (750) were served. The Mayor of Midvale reports that the left over water will be used to fund a future lemon-aid stand. Get those quarters ready.....

Local youth activities disrespect Corrib..

Why would local sport teams schedule games for the first Sunday in June, when the Corrib has its annual fundraiser? The Corrib raised $75,000 during its fundraiser last year, all which went back into community sports and activities. Personally I know the learn to skate program received $10,000 making the cost of skating just $200. Without the help of the Corrib many of the programs in WR would not be feasible. The Corrib donates to every cause in WR. Whether it is a sport or the need for a playground or books the Corrib is always the first to make it happen. Would it not make sense to not schedule games and activities for the first Sunday, so everyone can participate in raising the most money possible?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

To T (Ball) or not to T (Ball), that is the question

The great debate continued yesterday, as to whether attendance at the last T-Ball game of the season was mandatory, or whether the second youngest resident of 21 Midvale might be better served by participating fully in the annual "water table" event, in support of the runners of the Corrib Road Race. The pater familias made his position on this matter known, and after much deliberation, rumors that the decision had already been made at 16 Midvale, and the realization that she would never be able to get the car back to Midvale Road through the race course, the final member of the Burfeind household was convinced.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

More to the story?

Michael Chevrette, one of the alleged DDD's cracked under intense pressure this afternoon. Although no tears were shed, he did reveal that he was taught the game of ding,dong,ditch by a next door neighbor. When asked about the incident he stated "Jackie taught us how to play." He went on to explain that the next time they should wait "til its dark." He then refused to answer any further questions pending a juice box break.

The Babysitter's Babble

We at were excited to hear the latest development on these Internets, whereupon the famous Jackie D, babysitter extraordinaire, has taken it upon herself to post her schedule online, so that potential clients may have full knowledge of her availability in the months remaining before she leaves us for the hallowed halls at UMASS Amherst. I encourage all to visit her at The Babysitters's Babble.

And while, in general, we encourage higher education, and are pleased for her that she will be attending the college of her choice, we will confess to a bit of disappointment that she will not be attending Suffolk, or some other local institute of higher education, which would allow her to continue her babysitting practice unfettered, if you will, by an arduous commute from Western Massachusetts.


ALL after school activities have been cancelled for 16 Midvale Rd. due to the recent outbreak of Ding, Dong, Ditch!!! A source close to the pending investigation stated "I handle this kind of stuff all night long, those responsible will be brought to justice." Investigators are tight lipped about the investigation so far but a forfeit of the annual Storyland, NH trip was mentioned as a possible punishment for the guilty parties.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Outbreak of Ding Dong Ditch!

Recently there has been a reported surge of ding dong ditch occurrences on our beloved Midvale Road. An eye witness/victim claims the repeat offenders can be profiled in the 4-6 year old set. One suspect was so brash as to say "lets ding dong ditch them" which was aptly overheard by the targeted parties. Two young white males, who appear to be the brothers residing at #16 appear to be the ring leaders of this unfunny prank. Accompanied by a cute curly blonde this trio of "ding dong ditchers", (henseforth the ddd) is running rampant throughout our alleged "safe" street. The ddd brothers were idenified by their stiffled giggles and Irish whispers after the incident at #20 occured. Also left behind was a spider man action figure, which is believed to be the calling card of a one, Mr. Michael Chevrette. The residents of 20 Midvale hope they are not specific targets of what appears to be isolated incidents. One member of the household was quoted, "I hope this gang of hooligans are caught and punished accordingly." The patriach of the household was also overheard exclaming "this is why we should not have done away with public stockcades, we could have used the rotten fruit from the Burfiend farm!" Let's hope tomorrow is a ding dong ditch free day...

A Momentous Evening Cut Short

Much was afoot this evening on Midvale Road, the highlight being young Camden Fleming off for a stroll in his new sneakers. This, of course, caused great consternation for his fan club, namely, the even younger Josh Burfeind, who can only walk when balancing on the feet of his father. We'll have to keep an eye on these two, as they will soon be chasing each other around the neighborhood. Sadly, the evening had to brought to an early close, due to the lateness of the hour (and despite the ongoing presence of daylight), news which was received poorly by the 4-6 year old set. "It's not fair" was heard to be uttered, sadly a common refrain this time of year.

The search is over

Happy news on the street hockey front, as a new net has been located in the basement of 21 Midvale, in an unopened box. It apparently is the property of young Sammy Burfeind, a recent gift from his generous uncle. Tense negotiations regarding the loan of this net are anticipated, but a resolution to the benefit of all involved parties should be expected.

Ice Cream, Ice Cream WE WANT...

In what appears to be a change of heart, the ice cream man made a surprise stop at Midvale Rd. and Corey St last Saturday night. Local residents see it "as a start" with the hope that, he actually someday drives down the street. Remembering last year, one resident said "I always heard pop goes the weasel but never saw the truck on Midvale." The young residents of Midvale Rd. have taken it upon themselves to change the ice cream route by running and biking after the truck on adjacent streets. Pedro Martinez owner/operator of Ice Time Inc located in Somerville stated " I didn't know where the hell these kids were coming from." He alluded to a recent profitability study saying the potential client base of Midvale Rd. has "show amazing growth this spring."

First step taken..

The first step has been taken toward the formation of the Midvale Rd/Hodgdon Ter. street hockey complex. A street hockey net was recovered from the trash of 19 Midvale Rd. on Monday. Although the net was in "poor condition" a new net has been ordered and delivery is expected later this week. "We should be operational by the weekend" stated Commissioner Chevrette. He further stated "Although we are limited to one net right now, skills and drills can and will be the focus in the coming weeks." The organizers are asking residents to "keep their eyes open" for a matching net. One hockey mom stated that "if we don't find one in the trash, we might have to buy one."

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Readership Doubles!!

We at received some exciting news today regarding the fans of this beloved newsmonger. Word on the street is that your numbers have doubled, from two readers to four!! Keep up the good work, citizens of Midvale Road!