Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Outbreak of Ding Dong Ditch!

Recently there has been a reported surge of ding dong ditch occurrences on our beloved Midvale Road. An eye witness/victim claims the repeat offenders can be profiled in the 4-6 year old set. One suspect was so brash as to say "lets ding dong ditch them" which was aptly overheard by the targeted parties. Two young white males, who appear to be the brothers residing at #16 appear to be the ring leaders of this unfunny prank. Accompanied by a cute curly blonde this trio of "ding dong ditchers", (henseforth the ddd) is running rampant throughout our alleged "safe" street. The ddd brothers were idenified by their stiffled giggles and Irish whispers after the incident at #20 occured. Also left behind was a spider man action figure, which is believed to be the calling card of a one, Mr. Michael Chevrette. The residents of 20 Midvale hope they are not specific targets of what appears to be isolated incidents. One member of the household was quoted, "I hope this gang of hooligans are caught and punished accordingly." The patriach of the household was also overheard exclaming "this is why we should not have done away with public stockcades, we could have used the rotten fruit from the Burfiend farm!" Let's hope tomorrow is a ding dong ditch free day...

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