Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ice Cream, Ice Cream WE WANT...

In what appears to be a change of heart, the ice cream man made a surprise stop at Midvale Rd. and Corey St last Saturday night. Local residents see it "as a start" with the hope that, he actually someday drives down the street. Remembering last year, one resident said "I always heard pop goes the weasel but never saw the truck on Midvale." The young residents of Midvale Rd. have taken it upon themselves to change the ice cream route by running and biking after the truck on adjacent streets. Pedro Martinez owner/operator of Ice Time Inc located in Somerville stated " I didn't know where the hell these kids were coming from." He alluded to a recent profitability study saying the potential client base of Midvale Rd. has "show amazing growth this spring."

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