Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene Visits Midvale Road, and Other Disasters

We were actually really lucky. Not only was nobody harmed, we lost no power, water, or even cable/internet. But there was some damage to trees, cable/phone lines, and in one serious case, a neighbor's deck. The street has been blocked off with caution tape right next to our driveway, so we had a barrage of drivers all afternoon who tried to use Midvale Road as a pass-through, only to have to turn around and go back the way they came.

Many a West Roxbury resident came by to survey the damage. Perhaps we should have put out a donation box for the general cleanup fund. Rumor has it that the more enterprising Midvale kids will be setting up a lemonade stand tomorrow.

Compared to some other places in West Roxbury, the damage was ultimately not that bad. Still, it does seem like Midvale Road has been hit by too many natural disasters in recent times, from Spring floods last year to hurricanes this year. And, of course, that little water main break two weeks ago that the residents of 21 Midvale are still recovering from.

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